Justice United's New Agenda

Justice United has a new agenda! Over 80 leaders met at Lattisville Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Hurdle Mills on Sunday to prioritize top community concerns for action.

Leaders voted to focus on broad categories of concerns related to Housing, Jobs, and Immigration that were surfaced by the listening campaign this summer. Leaders formed three new research action teams and committed to develop specific issue campaign proposals within 60 days.

Teams are open for any interested individual who belongs to a Justice United member institution, or institution discerning membership. See the initial Team meeting dates here.

Attend the next Countywide Leaders Meeting to evaluate issue campaign proposals on Thursday, November 9, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, in Hillsborough (location TBD). Save the date!

Leaders affirmed Lattisville Grove Pastor George Crews III’s vision of a truly broad based organization: one capable of making change not only in Southern Orange, but in the often neglected North; a multi-racial organization where the interests of African American leaders would not be lost (especially Northern Orange leaders); where leaders of all races could learn how to build reciprocal, relational power, and make change on issues rooted in historic injustice.

The potential of this vision was on display Sunday. The diverse audience represented the broad base that was engaged by Justice United’s listening campaign this summer. At least 30% of attendees came from Hillsborough and Northern Orange Institutions. They were joined by faith and secular leaders from Chapel Hill / Carrboro, which included a strong contingent of IFC shelter residents and returning citizens.

Justice United is on the move. Join an action team and get involved. There’s work to be done!  

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Mid Year Report

In the first half of 2017 Justice United organized major power and made real change on key issues in our community. 


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¿Qué viene ahora para Justice United?


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What's Next for Justice United?


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100 Days of Change - Fourth Quarter Accomplishments

It's amazing what we've accomplished together in the last 100 days of 2016! Record levels of support from our dues paying member institutions drove major campaign victories and allowed Justice United to develop a new cohort of leaders who are ready to organize power and win on the top issues in their communities.  

Join us at our first Countywide Leaders Meeting on Thursday, January 26 (7:00 pm, United Church of Chapel Hill) to pick up a copy of our 2016 annual report. In the meantime below is a list of our accomplishments from fourth quarter 2016. 

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Bylaws Revision

[4/17/2017 update: The bylaws revision has been paused to allow for broader comment from leaders of JU member institutions. No revisions will be made without a minimum 2/3 vote at a Countywide Leaders Meeting publicized with at least one month warning.] 

Over the course of 2016 the Justice United Board formed an ad hoc subcommittee consisting of Board Co-chair Molly De Marco and Board Members Joann Mitchell and Rev. Thomas Nixon to review and update the Justice United bylaws. The current bylaws and proposed bylaws are listed below for review. 

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Support the Affordable Housing Bond!

Will you spend one hour to help Justice United pass the affordable housing bond? 

The vote will be close. We need your help to ensure that Orange County voters pass the bond and secure $5 million in much needed funding for affordable housing. 

Justice United volunteers are conducting bond advocacy outreach at the Chapel of the Cross early voting site. With your help they can reach thousands of early voters and make sure that they all vote YES for affordable housing! 

We ask that you consider signing up for a one hour shift between now and November 4. Please review your schedule and use the link below to sign up for as many shifts as your time allows: 


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Assembly Report

Justice United Leaders Take Action 

on Fees and Fines, Affordable Housing

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Our Power Building Strategy

52 leaders came together as Justice United on Monday July 18 to plan our power building strategy this summer and advance our campaigns for affordable housing, strengthening community relationships with police. 


Together we committed to reach out to 394 members of our institutions and communities to describe our issue campaigns, get reactions, and to invite all to help shape our work. Our goal is also to secure turnout commitments for our September 15 Assembly.

Talking points were distributed to help guide this conversation, along with sign up sheets (Count on Me Forms), attached below.

We also discussed canvassing at the upcoming Fairview Live event on August 20. Follow this link to sign up and for more information

We will report on our progress with this strategy at our Countywide Leaders Meeting, August 25, 7:00 - 8:30 pm, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Hillsborough (1710 Old NC Hwy 10, Hillsborough). There we will hear presentations on the specific commitments from decisionmakers that we will be seeking at our September 15 Assembly. 

(Please bring all completed “Count on Me” forms with you to this meeting, as well as a firm turnout number for the Assembly)

Included below are resources to help with your outreach: our timeline and action plan for the summer, descriptions of our issue campaigns, handouts, and additional reading.

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Detailed Action Plan June 16 - September 15


JUNE 16 - JULY 18

Pledge minimum 20 members from your institution to attend Fall Assembly on September 15, 7:00 - 9:00 PM, St. Thomas More - to win commitments from local law enforcement for negotiated solutions that improve relationships with immigrants, people of color and to set up, frame affordable housing action in winter 2017.

Name core leadership team (Clergy, Executive Director, 3 - 5 key institutional leaders) capable of organizing power within your institution in support of these campaigns.

Identify affordable housing resources within your institution:

  1. Identify: Land owned by your institution suitable for affordable housing development.

  2. Individual members of your institution willing to develop affordable housing on their land

  3. Potential funding sources for affordable housing (Endowment, denominational, foundations) that you can access via your institution.

Create list of potential adbook investors - the top 10 companies with whom your institution does business, and your contact person within those companies.


7:00 - 9:00 PM, United Church of Chapel Hill

Deadline for action goals listed above. Participants report on progress identifying resources, naming Team. All plan / train for canvassing / house meeting action. Please bring list of potential adbook investors to meeting.

Who Should Attend: Core Leadership Team (Clergy, Executive Directors, and 3 - 5 key institutional leaders).  


Core Teams engage 600 members of their institutions, residents of the communities that surround them, and employees of major employers to test and refine issues. 

Top leaders meet with UNC / Hospital administrators, municipal government, Orange County staff, non-profit agencies, to understand their self-interest, determine land holdings, finances, and find common ground on affordable housing.   

Top leaders meet with heads of local law enforcement, district attorney, elected officials and others to understand self interest around public safety and strengthening relationships with immigrants, people of color.


7:00 pm - 8:30 PM, UU Congregation of Hillsborough

Deadline for action goals listed above. Report from meetings with local law enforcement, affordable housing decision makers, and canvassing actions. Plan strategy for September 15 Assembly.


7:00 - 9:00 pm, St. Thomas More.


Win commitments from local law enforcement / elected officials to improve community relationships with police. Frame, build momentum for affordable housing assembly in 2017.

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