CONTEXT: In June 2016 Justice United affirmed and supported Orange County’s goal to build or improve 1,000 units of affordable housing in our county over the next five years.

Our strategy is to organize the latent power of our institutions through Justice United and bring our own land and funds to the table - as well as inviting the University and Hospital to follow our lead and anchor new affordable housing development on public and faith owned land, starting with St. Paul Village.

Justice United’s first action in this effort was to get the $5 million affordable housing bond passed. During our September 15 Assembly JU leaders pledged to deliver 2,640 YES votes for the bond - a non-partisan effort that proved crucial to passing the referendum by the highest margins in history.

PROPOSAL: Broaden our power base and develop an organized constituency with the capacity to bring top University and Hospital leaders to the table to follow our lead and invest in affordable housing.  

  • Deepen our relationship with UNC employee organizations to explore joint organizing campaign to locate affordable housing investment within University’s self interest.  

  • Partner with low income constituency organized through the Interfaith Council, Community Empowerment Fund. At least 27 CEF members and 238 IFC clients are UNC employees.

More information will be available at our February 23 Leaders Meeting