Justice United is a broad based community power organization, rooted in the congregations and neighborhoods of Orange County. 


JU is committed to training and developing civil sector leaders so that they can change the economic and social structures that affect their lives. We believe in building for power: power that is reciprocal, that is tempered by our religious traditions, and that includes more people in the dynamics of public life.

JU was founded in 2009. Our grassroots agenda is built by the hundreds of individual and small group conversations that regularly take place throughout our member institutions. Our members set the agenda of our organization, are trained to engage in public life, and take effective action to negotiate with the public and private sector actors whose decisions affect their everyday lives.  



We envision an Orange County where those who work here can afford to live here; where we can be assured that if we work hard we will earn a living wage; where the public transportation system provides effective service to all residents, in all parts of the county; where people of color no longer have to endure the injustice of disproportionate and unfair policing; and where we can bridge divides and come together as a community to solve our shared problems.


This is our vision, and it's already happening!