On Tuesday night at Lattisville Grove Missionary Baptist Church 253 Justice United leaders met publicly with candidates for the Orange County Board of Education and Clay Grubb, CEO of Grubb Properties. Here’s what we won and why it matters.

Affordable Housing

Clay Grubb attended Justice United’s Assembly to announce his support for the master leasing program. Grubb committed up to 10 housing units to be leased by a non-profit partner and sublet to low income residents at an affordable, subsidized rate. Read the Grubb Properties press release here.

This is a major step forward for our master leasing strategy. Grubb’s support ensures access to safe, decent housing units for low income residents. His collaboration is a strong credential to other major players in the private housing market, as well as potential funders for the program. Read more about our issue campaigns here.

Job Access and Resources for Immigrant Students 

Justice United leaders took action to hold the Orange County school system accountable: both as the largest employer serving rural Orange with close to 1,000 staff, and as a key institution that shapes the futures and opportunities available to 7,400+ young people. 

Four of seven seats on the Board of Education are up for election this May. With only one incumbent running it’s clear that change is coming to the leadership of Orange County schools.

Candidates Will Atherton, Hillary MacKenzie, Sarah Smylie, and Brenda Stephens all committed to do the following, if elected:

Increase teacher diversity so that the teaching staff matches the diversity of the student body, increasing access to jobs for people of color;

Hire bilingual front office staff in every school;

Develop a continuing education unit to assist guidance counselors in helping immigrant students navigate a path to higher education.

Justice United will continue to organize to hold Board members accountable to delivering on these solutions. Read more about our issue campaigns here.

Friends of Justice United Campaign

At the conclusion of the Assembly, members pledged to deliver $3,200 in new individual donations from their institutions, above the $10,000 already pledged at our leaders meeting on February 1. Justice United's individual donor campaign will conclude on May 1. Do you want to support Justice United's work in our community? Follow this link to make a donation today!