Action for Housing, Immigration, and Jobs

Sign up today to support Justice United leaders taking action on Housing, Immigration, and Jobs.

Over the last six months Teams of JU leaders have developed practical solutions to address the top concerns raised during grassroots listening sessions this summer. At our action on April 10 leaders will meet publicly with candidates for the Orange County Board of Education and other key decisionmakers to ask them to support our solutions. 

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Buses are available on demand and will be leaving from two locations in Chapel Hill. Buses will depart at 6:15 pm. Please follow the links below to save your seat.

Confirm seat on bus departing from St. Thomas More Catholic Church (940 Carmichael St, Chapel Hill)

Confirm seat on bus departing from United Church of Chapel Hill (1321 Martin Luther King Jr Dr, Chapel Hill)


April 10, 2018 at 7pm - 9pm
Lattisville Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Jane DeHart Julia Sendor Bernie Nord Sonia Katchian Evans Lodge Robin Barnhill Jane Hathaway Joan Pharr Gayle Hartis Tom Munk David Remington Richal Vanhook Robin Bedingfield Jerry Kyle Marisa Martini Matt Hughes Bob Weickert Patricia Clayton Louise Clifford Chinita Howard Bliss Hayes Peggy Duhamel Rebecca Horne Dan Vermeer Sheryl Forbis Kathleen Putnam Tom Trueblood Zachary Nasipak Michael Cornett Martha Wheeler Josephine Paylor-Long Allison Mahaley Margaret Wainwright David Stanford Hank Elkins Linda McDonough Ashley Nissler

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