Justice United Leaders Take Action 

on Fees and Fines, Affordable Housing


September 15, 2016

Chapel Hill, NC - Justice United leaders turned out 493 members to take action on regulatory fees and fines paid by Orange and Chatham County drivers, and to support affordable housing.

District Attorney James Woodall committed to work with JU leaders and explore options for driver safety programs that would help reduce the regulatory fees and fines that have cost Orange and Chatham County drivers over $1.79 million in the last seven years, 77 percent of them Latino.

“These fees and fines have created an unnecessary tension between our community and local police. We seek to relieve this tension so that law enforcement officers can do their jobs effectively, and so that all community members can find the understanding they expect to feel safe” said Deacon Luis Royo, Director of Hispanic Ministries at St. Thomas More Catholic Church.

“...the bottom line is that our neighbors and friends should not need to be afraid to drive to worship, or their jobs, or to meet with their children to attend extra-curricular activities, or even to go out to the store to purchase a gallon of milk” agreed Rev. Patty Hanneman of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Hillsborough.

JU leaders also rallied support for the 2016 Bonds which could raise $5 million for affordable housing and $120 million for public schools if passed. Leaders pledged to deliver at least 528 “YES” votes on November 8.

“In Orange County today, thousands of workers who keep our economy running are unable to live here and share in the prosperity that they have helped create,” Delores Bailey, Executive Director of EmPOWERment Inc. said, noting that 5,634 tenant households in Orange County pay over 50 percent of their household income on rent.

“We can only get better when we decide as brothers and sisters to come together and embrace diversity,” said Reverend Thomas Nixon of St. Paul A.M.E Church.