Campaign Victory



Tuesday March 28, 2017 

St. Thomas More Catholic Church, Chapel Hill

Justice United leaders delivered an organized constituency of over 600 community members and made a deal with District Attorney James Woodall that has the potential to save safe yet unlicensed drivers tens of thousands of dollars a year in court fees and fines.

JU will closely monitor implementation of this deal. El Centro Hispano has recently secured funding to coordinate the deferral program and will soon hire a staff member who will serve as a direct contact for all eligible drivers.

JU leaders committed to build power sufficient to keep this deal for the long haul. Leaders pledged to develop at least 170 members through IAF organizing training, and to produce at least $12,076 in small donations for the Friends of Justice United Campaign which will begin May 1.  

Deferral program detail:


Organizing training:

JU University 1
Tuesday May 23, 7:00 - 9:00 pm 
St. Thomas More Catholic Church

JU University 2
Thursday May 25 7:00 - 9:00 pm
UU Congregation of Hillsborough

Friends of Justice United Small Donor Campaign:

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Policing Campaign Update


CONTEXT: Over the spring of 2016 Justice United leaders organized a series of house meetings that engaged 153 Orange County Latino residents.

The house meetings surfaced a top community concern: since 2008 Latino drivers in Orange and Chatham County have paid over $1.3 million in fees and fines for driving without a license after a change in state policy rendered them ineligible to apply or renew their licenses (NC drivers now must have a social security number in order to apply). 73% of all drivers ticketed for no license from 2008 - 2015 were Latino.

A significant percentage of citations issued for no operators license were issued to Latino drivers whose sole charge was driving without a license - otherwise safe drivers not committing any moving violations or other unsafe behavior.

Justice United has committed to resolve this issue. We have determined that District Attorney James Woodall has the power to help reduce fees and fines for unlicensed, yet otherwise safe drivers.

At our September 15 Assembly Woodall pledged to work with JU to develop a solution to this issue. Since then members of the Policing Action Team have had several meetings with Woodall to negotiate this solution.

PROPOSAL: Justice United member institutions support a follow up Assembly on March 28 at which the District Attorney will outline a solution to this issue.

It is important that we turnout in large numbers to demonstrate our power to keep this deal. 


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Campaign to Strengthen Community Relationships with Police


POLITICAL CONTEXT: There is a history of biased policing in Orange County. Data from 2002 - 2013 shows Black drivers are roughly twice as likely to be searched than White drivers by Carrboro, Chapel Hill Police and Orange County Sheriff Dept.

Otherwise law abiding Latino immigrants are often fined for driving without a license ($238 / ticket), which undermines trust with local law enforcement (drivers without a social security number are unable to obtain a license after a state policy decision in 2006 reversed a 20 year precedent of providing drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants). In 2014, Latino drivers across NC paid $3.14 million for this charge alone. 

PROPOSAL: Negotiate solution with local law enforcement that supports public safety and strengthens relationships with immigrant drivers, people of color.

This campaign will culminate in a 300 person strong public assembly on September 15, 7:00 - 9:00 PM, St. Thomas More Catholic Church.


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