When February 29, 2024 at 7:00pm 1 hr 30 mins
Where United Church of Chapel Hill/Iglesia Unida de Chapel Hill 1321 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, United States

Join your member group to review the concerns, pressures and hopes surfaced in our Listening Sessions -- and decide collectively on our new grassroots agenda for change.

  • Hear the concerns and hopes shared by the 791 members participating in our Listening Session campaign.
  • Listen to stories that illustrate what these problems mean to our members.
  • Vote collectively on our next two priorities for making change!


Your Guide to the Voting Assembly

1) What time should I arrive? Please arrive by 6:50 pm to park, find your seat, and be ready to start promptly at 7 pm.

2) What are the top concerns that emerged from the Listening Sessions? We tallied the concerns that each Listening Session identified as their top 3 from that session. You can find the reports attached and here:

*The Strategy Team has recommended that the top 10 concerns be the ones we decide between.

3) How will voting work? We'll break out by member organization to vote as a team. Each member has 3 votes collectively, and each group actively discerning membership will have 2 votes. Your group will decide together how to use your votes. For example, you could:

  • Dedicate all 3 votes for 1 priority.
  • Divide your votes equally among 3 top priorities.
  • Put 2 votes on your top priority and 1 vote on your runner-up.

*Even though voting is for member groups/actively discerning member groups, guests who are not members of Justice United are still welcome to attend and observe.

4) How many total priorities will we choose? Our Strategy Team recommends that we choose 2 priorities for our new campaigns. Our Internet Accountability campaign is ongoing, and we are still actively monitoring our Mental Health, Property Tax Assistance, and Criminal Justice campaigns, so the Strategy Team assessed that we have capacity for 2 new priorities.

Voting Assembly Agenda
1) Welcome - Rev. Cameron Barr and Caleb Wolf 
2) Who We Are / Why We’re Here - Rev. Dr. George Crews, III 
3) Listening Session Campaign Results - Dn. Luis Royo 
4) Testimonies - Facilitated by Dn. Luis Royo
  • Ashley Nissler
  • Annette Foster
  • Leticia Patiño
  • Laura Ibañez
  • Kathy Cole
  • Elder Rodney Lofton    
5) Voting - Instructions by Dn. Luis Royo 
6) What’s Next / Next Steps - Rev. Crystal Bullock 
7) Recurring Donor Campaign - Nancy Tunnessen 
8) Closing - Rev. Tony Boss 
Will you come?