Listen to Latina leaders' testimonies about the state of crisis -- and then learn more about the intentional disinvestment and the abuse of public mental health funds that got Orange County into this crisis.

Video testimonies about this mental health crisis from Justice United Latina leaders (begins a few seconds in Spanish, then translation begins):

How Orange County became a crisis zone 

Learn how the previous company responsible for managing Orange County’s public mental health funds,, Cardinal Innovations, refused to provide services for the Latinx community – all the while spending taxpayer dollars on illegally high CEO pay, private jets, luxury cars, and extravagant parties

- "Mental Health Advocates Say the Reckoning at Cardinal Innovations Was a Long Time Coming"

- "NC Audit Faults Cardinal Innovations For Excessive CEO Pay, Lavish Trips"

- "Immigrants denied mental health services"

- "In clash over mental health care, anti-immigrant policy draws feds' scrutiny"