On September 19, Justice United kicked off our Listening Session campaign. We pledged to listen to approximately 700 community members, to identify top concerns for our next campaigns, as well as leaders fired up to take action. Each member organization will organize Listening Sessions between now through the end of January 2024. We'll then vote on our next priorities for making change, in February 2024.

  • Find the Listening Session Facilitator Guide as a Google Doc here, and as a PDF here.
  • Please contact us at [email protected] if your organization's team wants support in planning your Listening Sessions.

The Listening Session training and kick-off culminated our first ever "Justice School" training series. Many thanks to the 60+ leaders who learned together about Power, Relational Meetings, Core Teams, and Listening Sessions!


We're following through on the vision we shaped at our June evaluation to:

  • Continue our three current campaigns (Mental Health, Affordable Housing, and Criminal Justice) in “monitoring mode” to ensure accountability.
  • Strengthen our relationships and organizing skills through trainings, fellowship, and clergy gatherings.
  • Launch a series of Listening Sessions, to understand where the greatest energy and urgency is in our community right now. 

Our goal is to begin 2024 not only with a clear sense of our members' top priorities, but also with deepened relationships and sharpened skills. That way, wherever we direct our energy, we'll be doing it with even more collective power.