Mobile Home Park B Negotiation #2

Neighborhood leaders from a Mobile Home Park B, who already led a successful first round of negotiations with the park owner, are ready to meet again. 

The neighborhood received big news this week: the owner is planning to sell the park to a large company based in Florida. He will potentially close the sale within a month.

This is a big change - and potentially part of a larger, troubling trend of private equity investors squeezing working class mobile home park residents for greater and greater profit (see a full report here). 

Leaders will use this meeting to learn more details about the sale and new owners, call for a progress report on the owners’ commitments, and continue negotiating for their proposals. Due to the significance of the sale, the neighborhood is requesting the support of 60+ Justice United members on the call.
July 01, 2020 at 6pm - 7:30pm
Bill Murray Carol Jakub John Paul Sheryl and Dick Forbis Carol Prokop Evelyn Ramirez Kathy Murray Janet Flowers Michael Cornett Ronald Belcher Kim Williams Eliza Wolff Nancy Tunnessen Aimee Tattersall Jamie Burnett Linda McDonough Mary LeMay Hervey McIver Chris Ringwalt Lori Eichel Ashley Nissler Mimi Games Cam Cover Joe Crane Mary LeMay Bernie Nord Robin Barnhill mariela hernandez Sam Nesbit Ann Sebesan David Remington Rich Erdosy Stan Dzierlenga Patricia Watts Fred Mason Sue Hunter Heather Brutz Brutz Rebecca Horne Annette Jurgelski Margaret Wainwright Geneva Golder Evie Shellenberger Elizabeth Evans Evans Patty Hanneman Jane Stein Maxine Huggins Gayle Hartis Diane Steinhaus

Will you come?