Mobile Home Park B Negotiations

Neighborhood leaders from Mobile Home Park B will be meeting with the park owner on Wednesday, June 3 at 6:00 pm to present their priority concerns and to ask the owner to commit to specific solutions to address those concerns. See below for background and summary of issues. 

Justice United member institutions are asked to deliver members to support this action. Members will be asked to observe only. Because of the relatively small size of this park, each institutions is asked to deliver 3-5 members each.

The Zoom link and an agenda will be sent to all who confirm. 

June 03, 2020 at 6pm - 8pm
Hosted via Zoom
Bernie Nord Sonia Katchian Linda McDonough Elizabeth Schrader Lisa Frost-Phillips Eileen Camp Heather Brutz Brutz Jane Stein Rich Erdosy Ronald Belcher Carol Small Suzanne Miller Kathy Remington Joe Crane Elizabeth Hays Mary Ellen McGuire Louise Clifford David Remington Noah Van Niel Lucretia Dickson Jenny Mabie Ava Nackman Lee Nackman Delores Bailey Laurie Tepper Nancy Tunnessen Michael Cornett John Paul Carolyn Ikenberry Sheryl Forbis Jeffrey Collins Abby Mitchell Fred Mason Gayle Hartis Kathy Kaufman Chris Ringwalt Jane McIver Evelyn McBride
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