Virtual Leaders Meeting


Our goal is to launch an amended organizing strategy for this spring that will help JU members identify and address the immediate pressures and concerns facing their most vulnerable congregants and community members. 

The agenda will include: 

  • Proposal for an alternate spring organizing strategy; 
  • Small group, virtual house meetings to identify how the epidemic is impacting our priorities;
  • Clear next steps on how we can act and support each other in this moment. 

Contact [email protected] for log in information

April 16, 2020 at 7pm - 8:30pm
Zoom Call
Sally Greene Mary Ellen McGuire Scott Radway Mattie Atkins alexander Byrd Jane McIver Bob Weickert Kathy Remington Kathy Kaufman Rich Erdosy Kim Williams Dewey Williams Linda Jaubert Linda McDonough David Remington Michael Cornett horace johnson Eileen Camp Nancy Tunnessen Patty Hanneman Gayle Hartis Louise Clifford Lori Eichel Bernie Nord Joe Crane

Will you come?